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Hazelwood Pondage


Brodribb Rd / Yinnar Rd
Hazelwood / Yinnar


Located along Brodribb Road / Yinnar Road between Churchill and Yinnar this shallow warm reservoir in flat open country is a man made lake and cooling water pondage for a nearby power station. 

Contains abundant European carp to 3 kg, eels and the illegally introduced exotic aquarium species convict cichlid, spotted tilapia (formerly called the black mangrove cichlid), blue acara and the red devil cichlid. 

Trout stocking in this water was unsuccessful. Stocking with Australian bass commenced early in 2003, but was discontinued in 2008 due to water temperatures proving to be too high for this species (up to 360 Celsius). 

500 ha. 31000 ML. Boat ramp and open to boating. The lake has zones for various activities. Closed to boating several times a year for special events, check with the lake caretaker (5163 1566).