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Yinnar History Walk

Taking a walk in Yinnar

An article from the Yinnar South Newsletter.

Take a walk through Yinnar and discover the history of it's buldings.

(From the Hotel going south to Creamery Rd.)


The first Hotel was built on this site in 1885. It burned down in 1914 and was rebuilt in 1972.
Next to the Hotel was a big shed owned by the Hotel it was the post office for some time.
A house and a shop, double roofed and owned by Winnings stoof where the petrol station is now. The site was used as a grain store and at one point the National Bank operated from there.
The next two houses were built in 1920 and approximately 1880.
The Hardware Store built at the turn of the century has had many changes: General Store, Billiard Room, Barber to name a few.
Next block set back from the street was a house and the Butcher shop built late 1800s.
Taylors Store and Saddlery, boots shoes and Barber Shop and house was next. The shop burnt down, the house was safe.
Next the Garage which originated as a Black Smith and the owner house next to it.
The Catholic Church built in 1903.
The Butter Factory's managers house is next. Built at the same time as the factory in 1929. You can see on the front of the house the mark where a swastika used to be. It was removed on the ascent to power of Hitler.
The first house in the next block was built by Nestles in the early 1940s, the other in 1901.
Across the footbridge was 'Durobin' the last house of the township, it was built from recycled materials aquired from other properties.
Creamery Road on the right is where the Creamery was situated. The managers house built in 1891 is still there on the left. The Wick's houses built in the early 1900s were the first houses on either side of the road.