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Yinnar Scout Group


PO Box 194



1st Yinnar Cubs:
- For those aged 7-10 years

- Meeting times: Tuesdays 7.00pm to 8.30 pm at Yinnar Scout Hall.

1st Yinnar Scouts:
- For those aged 10-14 years
- Meeting times:

1st Yinnar Venturers:
- For those aged 14-17 years
- Meeting times:

1st Yinnar Rovers:
- For those aged 17-25 years
- Meeting times:

1st Yinnar Leaders
- For adults (including Rovers)
- Meeting times:


0467 677 759 - Colin Richards (Group Leader)
0351 223 099 - Leanne Milsom (Treasurer)
0351 691 662 - Kerry Alexander (Secretary)



Yinnar Scout Group
Yinnar Scout Group has it's own 'group' on Facebook.
Follow the above link and join the group for information, events & photos. 

Yinnar Scout Group Official Website
Follow the above link to see 1st Yinnar Scouts Official Website.