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Max Biocare Research Park Yinnar

Max BiocareMax BiocareMax Biocare has a commitment to evidence-based research, which is the backbone of our health and nutrition products and services extending to our community outreach. We believe that the more we promote and grow understanding of natural medicine and nutrition, the more we can support our mission to help people live happier and healthier lives.

Max Biocare Research Park (MBcRP) in Yinnar is an expansion of our commitment. This mesmerizing estate supports a range of exciting projects with the intention of creating natural solutions to health and wellbeing from the ground up. Our love of natural products has inspired us to “grow our own” R&D capabilities.

We understand the importance of bees and beekeeping as a pathway to safeguarding our environment. Thousands of flowering plants have been planted in the research park to provide a consistent and abundant food source for the Honeybees.

MBcRP also hosts STEM programs for primary and secondary students. We strongly believe in nurturing children’s natural curiosity for nature and ability to care for it. It is our hope that after visiting, students will be excited to learn more about science and invigorated to take better care of the world around them.