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Morwell River


Morwell River Road
Grand Ridge


The Morwell River Rises in steep open forest and then flows in a rock, boulder and rubble bed in a narrow valley to Boolarra. 

A popular stream with local anglers is the upper section, particularly along the Morwell River Road (between Yinnar and Boolarra) which has abundant brown trout and river blackfish and is good for fly fishing. Contains mainly brown trout to 560 g, but the average size is very small, also short-finned eel, Gippsland spiny crayfish, European carp, goldfish, congoli, river blackfish, Australian smelt, long-finned eel, flathead gudgeon, eastern gambusia, southern pygmy perch and shorthead lamprey.

Yinnar Angling club recommends fishing for trout around Morwell River Camp 2 (also known as Apex Park) which is located along the Morwell River Road. If near private land please be sure to ask land owners permission before crossing their property.


Morwell River (Upper) 

Upstream of Boolarra the Morwell River is accessible from the Morwell River Road. Through Boolarra and along the Morwell River Road the river is up to 10 m wide with extensive pools over 100 cm deep. Riparian vegetation is primarily willow. 

Further up the Morwell River consists of a mixture of pools and runs with some rapids. Fish habitat is provided by willow roots, bank vegetation and woody habitat. Riparian vegetation is eucalypts, grass, willows, tea-tree and blackberry.  

Also along the Morwell River Road you will find free bush camping areas including Morwell River Camp 2 (also known as Apex Park) and the Morwell River Falls Reserve with picnic areas.

Morwell River (Lower)

Further downstream the Morwell River flows through flat farmland in a wide valley through Yinnar. Here the channel is up to 8 m wide with some steep banks around 4 m high. 

Crossings include Yinnar-Driffield Rd Yinnar, Creamery Rd Yinnar, Vaggs Rd Yinnar, Nuttalls Rd Yinnar, Hirsts Rd Boolarra.

There are shallow riffles (60 cm) and extensive pools over 100 cm deep. This area has some good habitat and is accessible for angling. Riparian vegetation varies from dense willows to mature eucalypts and wattles near Yinnar. 

Other sections, 
particularly in the lower reaches downstream of Driffield, have become badly silted up or channelised and provide little angling opportunity.